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Who is B-Explorer?

Bexplorer specialises in providing holidays and tours to the Muslim World. Our aim is to take you on a life changing journey of discovery, exploration and personal development.


There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of being amongst the first to reach and explore a destination that others haven’t yet had the pleasure of witnessing. At Bexplorer, we have 100’s of untapped destinations to make even the most intrepid traveller swoon in awe-struck delight.

While the rest of the world was in darkness, the Muslim world was a super power and flourished for a millennium, it was the centre of the world for science, knowledge and culture. Our tours are specifically designed for discovering these vast troves of unspoiled treasures. You will visit ancient cities where revelations descended and experience the splendour of divine sites, you will go on an exciting excursion like camel riding through the desert and feast on local cuisines.

Why do we Exist?

Experience has shown that the best way to discover hidden gems is through the locals, and by exploring on your own. Let us take care of your travel arrangements and plan your perfect journey. While you venture out and come face to face with the unknown.

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